Secret Santa Collection from Skellies

Giving back when you can is what truly shows your Holiday Spirit!

The reason for doing this is that a countless number of people have been drastically affected by the markets this year!

We’re revealing our Secret Santa Collection one week prior to December 23rd.

What is the Secret Santa Collection and How Does it Work?

Stick with us as we break this down for you!

The Secret Santa collection is a surprise collection of 1000 NFTs. All the net mint funds go directly back to the community and sub-communities.

We have hinted for at holders of Space Skellies will receive (1) airdrop per (5) Skellies. Today we’re confirming that!

This is where ‘Secret Santa’ comes in. If you’re a holder, you can nominate anyone for the airdrop that you think needs some extra Holiday Spirit! ?

How to Nominate?

  • Join Space Skellies Discord;
  • Verify that you’re a holder;
  • Go to the ‘Secret Santa Channel’ and follow the instructions;

Mint Details

  • Collection Size: 1000–1500 (TBD based off of airdrop amount)
  • WL: 200 stars
  • Public: 250 stars
  • Mint Date: No hard date yet, 20th-22nd

Mint Funds Breakdown

30% of funds goes back to our sub-communities. We have (3) subs so 10% goes to each community.

The remaining 70% of funds goes back to the community through specific traits.

More details here.