Uno Re Announces Enhanced Core dApp v2, Featuring New Claim Assessment System

Uno Re proudly introduces the latest update to the Core dApp v2, which includes a new claim assessment system. This innovative feature is set to refine the app’s infrastructure, imbuing the system with unprecedented levels of trust and assurance for participants.

Achieving a Balance: Enhanced Security without Centralization

The integration of the claim assessment system promises to enhance the protocol’s claims process without compromising on Uno Re’s core principle of decentralization. This strategic implementation safeguards Uno Re’s forward momentum by nullifying centralization concerns that typically pose risks to security and autonomy.

Transparent Claims Handling: The Benefits for Policyholders

The new claims module transforms the claims handling process, instilling transparent and unbiased decisions on claim payouts. This fosters trust and protects Uno Re’s brand reputation by maintaining a consistently high standard of transparency, further instilling policyholder confidence.

Utilizing UMA’s Optimistic Oracle for Decentralized Decision-Making

Uno Re will adopt UMA’s Optimistic Oracle solution to impartially assess claim disputes. This integration leverages decentralization for conclusive decision-making, supported by a claimsDAO mechanism that introduces a secondary security check.

echnical Insights: Exploring the Claims Module

For an in-depth technical perspective, Uno Re invites the DAO community to review the Gitbook documentation detailing the claims module’s design:
Technical Overview of Uno Re’s Claims Module.

Future-Proofing Expansion: Uno Re’s V2 Relaunch Focus

Uno Re is committed to its expansion endeavors by removing any traces of centralization within the protocol. This initiative is a vital aspect of the v2 relaunch, bolstering the platform’s robustness for the future.

About Uno Re

Building a Secure, Decentralized Insurance Ecosystem for Web3

Uno Re is building a fully secure decentralized insurance ecosystem to serve institutional and individual Web3 participants. The protocol’s insurance platform has sold over $15 million in coverage across various crypto protocols, with risk underwritten for over eighty-five different protocols and six stablecoins on our B2C Insurance Sales dApp — The Cover Portal.

About UMA

Founded in 2018, UMA is dedicated to addressing complex challenges inherent in Ethereum’s growth. Notably, UMA has introduced the Optimistic Oracle, as well as other pivotal projects such as Across, the leading EVM bridge in terms of speed and cost-efficiency, and Oval, the pioneering MEV capture protocol on Ethereum mainnet.