PreGPT MVP: Revolutionizing AI Chatbots with Decentralized Compute Power and Privacy

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, there is a growing demand for AI solutions that not only offer advanced capabilities but also prioritize user privacy, user agency and freedom from the shackles of Big Cloud. PreGPT, is an innovative AI chatbot service designed to meet these needs and go beyond, by offering users a choice for the first time for those uncomfortable with the concentration of AI wealth and power in the hands of the few.

We are elated that starting on April 12, 2024 you can go to and enjoy exploring the capabilities of PreGPT! The first 500 registrants will have access to a discounted rate of $2 per month for the first month, payable in PRE. After the initial 500 spots are filled, the rate will increase to $3 per month.

This initiative has been no small feat to launch and we are incredibly proud to move this effective and practical tool into production for the Presearch community and well beyond. For getting started, any assistance or further information please go here where you can find instructions and our FAQ.

In addition to issues such as consumer price competition and single points of failure, there’s a significant risk that bias and censorship that could be intensified and shaped by a corporate mindset driven by profit rather than the welfare of humanity and society.

AI carries broader implications (many of which have not manifested themselves, yet) than many other technologies in recent history, underscoring the importance of having accessible alternatives. With the global sentiment shifting, there’s a clear rise in skepticism, highlighted by the emergence of DePin (decentralized physical infrastructure networks), widespread media attention, and moves like (one of the largest AI companies) Inflection AI’s CEO recent resignation claiming to pursue Decentralized AI and “…we’re not going to beat centralized AI with more AI.”

As ChatGPT achieved a milestone by amassing the quickest growing userbase, Presearch observed this closely and emerged as one of the pioneering alternative search engines to integrate AI-driven results into its core search offerings. Now, with OpenAI’s valuation at $86 billion and its revenue projected to quintuple to $2 billion in 2024, Presearch is at the forefront again. We are introducing the world’s first high-powered Chatbot, which utilizes open-sourced models and computing power harnessed strictly through decentralized means, perfectly in sync with the Presearch philosophy.