Search locally from the location of your choice

Presearch recently launched a new feature that allows you to search from any location around the world.

This new search location feature enables users to request search results for anywhere in the world. This is especially helpful for users searching on a VPN, because they’re now able to decouple search results from the inferred location from their search request.

Previously, if you had the “local search” option disabled, results would be based on the inferred country from the search request, and if you had local search enabled, results would be based on the approximate local area.

For example, if your request originated from the US, you would get search results based on your US location, but if you used a VPN in Japan, you would instead get Japanese search results. This may or may not be your desired outcome.

With the new search location update feature, you can now explicitly specify your city (or any other city) to receive local search results from instead of being limited to local results based upon your network connection.

Now you can easily adjust your search results for the current device by typing in the location for which that you want to see results.

If you consistently use a VPN, just want results to stay within a specific area, or even want to explore results from other locations around the world, this feature provides optimal flexibility for you to be in control of your local search experience.

As a privacy-focused search engine, it’s our goal is to provide maximum protection for your privacy and a great user experience. This release is another step toward that mission.