Panda Ganging and Gaining, DPGU Will Officially Release the Second Batch of NFTs on the 25th

DPGU announced that it will officially release the second batch of 3888 Daffy Panda NFTs on the OpenSea and Binance NFT on December 25. Voice Street’s spin-off game Daffy Panda Ganging Up (DPGU) is invitation-based. Only the owner of Daffy Panda NFT could enter the game and invite others. Meanwhile, every Daffy Panda owner, who invites new player, can benefit from a 5% invitation revenue.

In the addition, DPGU is a Play to Earn and Metaverse, socialfi game, allowing players to derive additional benefits in the game and comprise Voice Street Music Copyright IMO (Initial Music Offering). IMO’s core concept is the fragmentation of music copyrights, and its purpose is to promote the circulation of music NFTs and physical copyrights. Moreover, DPGU owners will have the opportunity to obtain IMO whitelists and airdrops for all songs in the music game. The recent airdrops to fans holding Daffy Panda NFT include the music copyright IMO and NFT works of the renowned Korean singer-songwriter Kevin Shin and the famous American DJ and rapper Luke Nasty.

Daffy Panda Ganging Up is a limited edition NFT series developed by Voice Street (VS) Music NFT Platform. The Ark of Panda is a music community game based on the Voice Street Platform. VS owes a library of songs from the Musicians who are part of VS’s artists’ portfolio. Then VS licenses all songs under contract for use in the game.

In the Ark of Panda Game (DPGU), DPGU owners will enjoy free access to songs under the Voice Street platform’s copyrighted song library.  Also VIP gamers can earn additional revenue on the secondary creation and sale of NFT music props in the game.

Moreover, Voice Street has signed a contract with Polkabrige and is expected to conduct IDO before the end of December. Polkabrige is the largest user platform in the Polka ecosystem. Voice Street’s favor is closely related to the promotion of BullPerks and SafeLaunch, which are two famous names.

Presently, more than 50 communities and game guilds from different countries have joined Voice Street- DPGU. To catalyse the process of DPGU’s internationalisation, communities which able to provide AMA, KOLs and media promotion will be provided with the qualifications for whitelisting.

You are welcome to join DPGU’s official Telegram and Discord. Please stay tuned for the massive welfare activities.

About VoiceStreet

VoiceStreet is a music-based NFT platform with the goal of building Web3.0 on-chain infrastructure for intellectual properties mainly including Music all rights, Artists related IPs, Music derivatives NFTs, and NFT Gamification.


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