How to Earn Up to 300% APY with Huobi Dual Investment 101!

To offer traders more choices. Three new coins were added to the Huobi Dual Investment platform this week: AVAX, LUNA and SOL. Now, let’s take a look at what Huobi Dual Investment is about, why we should invest, and learn how to earn up to 300% APY with Huobi Dual Investment products.

?What is Huobi Dual Investment?

Huobi Dual Investment is a non-principal protected structured savings product with enhanced yield, which is settled with 2 tokens. There are currently two types of Huobi Dual Investment products, “BTC(ETH)-USDT-Dual” and “USDT-BTC(ETH)-Dual”. Huobi Dual Investment enables you to buy low and sell high at the price and date you set while enjoying high APY with no trading fees.

Why Huobi Dual Investment?

?Instant Interest Income

Unlike other Dual Investment products on the market, Huobi Dual Investment provides you instant interest income right after purchase. This also means you can use it as you wish, for example: hedging trades.

?Flexible Holding Period

Huobi Dual Investment products offer you holding periods from 1 hour to 180 days with a T+0 settlement and no subscription period. You can select the date as you wish and you don’t have to wait for any particular subscription time.

?Customized Settings with RFQ feature

Everything in Huobi Dual Investment is customizable. You can set the purchase amount, expiry date, strike price, and callable price as you wish. The Request for quotation (RFQ) feature provides you with even more flexibility in your investment.

?Optional Callable Feature

You can add a callable price if you wish to redeem your base assets in case of unilateral market trends to reduce risk and get returns at the same time.

?Have any questions on Huobi Dual Investment?

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