WTF is Oxen?

ELI5: The Oxen project Are you being spied on? Every day it becomes more and more obvious that technology is being used to keep an eye on everyone in the world. Nobody is safe from surveillance. Oxen is bringing privacy to the digital world through blockchain technology. Oxen allows you to make the things you…

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Fiat On-Ramp at is live!

Rubic has successfully integrated OnRamper to in order to give our users the ability to buy Crypto with fiat directly on! OnRamper is a fiat on-ramp solution aggregator. This integration will enable our users to buy cryptocurrency directly with their fiat currency. You always may choose either KYC-required or non-KYC options. Now, users…

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Learn about ALL things DeFi in crypto. Hear from 30+ top DeFi Industry leaders. Learn about how DeFi is disrupting the current system. ABOUT THIS EVENT DeFi – the latest trend and arguably kickstarter to the long-awaited bull-market (aside from the Fed’s printer). Not just Farmville for money, but groundbreaking technology experiencing its first wave…

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