API3: Announcing the Partnership with EQ8 Network

API3 is pleased to announce a partnership with EQ8 Network, a blockchain based assessment and data monetization platform. EQ8 Network will be deploying an Airnode to supply their assessment data to dapps, and will also leverage API3’s existing network of data providers for a planned prediction market.

EQ8 Network is building a global platform for crowdsourced intelligence. Their platform allows users to conduct surveys, polls and other market research activities and assessments to build a collection of accurate data. For this, EQ8 has partnered with BrainChain Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which holds a patent for conducting assessments using DLT. Using blockchain to validate assessments prevents forgery, or alteration of answers later, proves assessment records are accurate, and allows educational credentials to be verified easily.

Through deploying an Airnode, EQ8 Network will be able to provide assessment data to dapps being built across all Airnode-supported smart contract platforms. As well as providing data to the API3 ecosystem, EQ8 will be building a prediction market, which will utilise data from API3’s Airnode-enabled APIs.


“Blockchain-based verification of educational credentials will help prevent fraud, as well as make it easy for individuals to prove their achievements. API3 is excited to help provide this information across a number of different smart contract platforms, as well as providing data to EQ8’s upcoming prediction market”

— Heikki Vanttinen, API3

“By integrating with API3’s decentrally governed and quantifiably secure data feeds and Airnode-enabled APIs, EQ8 Network will be able to access to information from the outside world that is relevant for execution of EQ8 Prediction Markets — thereby maintaining fairness and providing a better user experience.”

— Madhur Prabhakar, Founder and CEO, EQ8 Network

EQ8 Links

Twitter — https://twitter.com/EQ8_NETWORK
Telegram — https://t.me/EQ8_Network
Website — https://www.eq8.network/
Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/eq8network
Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/eq8_network/
LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/company/eq8network/
Medium — https://eq8network.medium.com/

API3 Links

Forum — https://forum.api3.org
Twitter — https://twitter.com/API3DAO
Telegram — https://t.me/API3DAO (Community Chat)
Discord — https://discord.gg/qnRrcfnm5W (Builder Chat)
Github — https://github.com/api3dao
Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/API3/

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