The Terra Delegation Program (TDP) is back!

There were only 5 qualifications this round:

1. Have a complete Validator Profile:
Example of a perfect pull request Here.
Example of a perfect finished profile Here.

2. Commission at or below 10%: at all snapshots.

3. Bombay Testnet must be active: at all snapshots.

4. Provide Seed Node Address: for Testnet and Mainnet
(Process explained below)

5. You must have applied through the link below by 11.10.21 9 PM KST:


If you have previously applied. You must apply again.

What is the snapshot? Once a week I will be taking a snapshot, and then publishing the results. They will not be announced to prevent gaming the system. They will be public so you can track your progress.
The first of these snapshots will be taken next week. Links will be posted publicly on Discord and Twitter when snapshots are complete.

Delegations will be weighted for decentralization. This means, the TFL fund will weigh distributions to flatten the voting curve.

Seed Node:

Why are we requiring this?
One of the most common pain points for new entrants into our ecosystem are poor seed node connections on mainnet and testnet.

How to do it:
Submit your seed nodes in the following format:

broken into:
<Address> @ <IP or DNS> : <Port>

You can find your address by running: [terrad tendermint show-node-id]
It is best practice to use a DNS. This seed node address will be shared in the public GitHub repo.

Next edit your config.toml to:

# Seed mode, in which node constantly crawls the network and looks for
# peers. If another node asks it for addresses, it responds and disconnects.
# Does not work if the peer-exchange reactor is disabled.
seed_mode = true

# Maximum number of inbound peers
max_num_inbound_peers = 200

Then restart Terrad to apply changes.

All delegations are ultimately at the discretion of Terraform Labs.