Fiat On-Ramp at is live!

Rubic has successfully integrated OnRamper to in order to give our users the ability to buy Crypto with fiat directly on!

OnRamper is a fiat on-ramp solution aggregator. This integration will enable our users to buy cryptocurrency directly with their fiat currency. You always may choose either KYC-required or non-KYC options. Now, users can choose between 45 different fiat currencies to purchase up to 124 cryptocurrencies.

Rubic continues to make your crypto experience easier and more robust! As OnRamper is a “fiat gateway aggregator”, it provides multiple fiat-to-crypto gateways in a single, easy-to-implement, fiat on-ramp.

Why is it important?

Rubic’s final goal is to become the ultimate solution for every crypto user, no matter how much crypto experience they have. Experienced crypto traders and novices alike can convert their fiat currency from the legacy financial system into cryptocurrency for the new decentralized financial system. That is why the integration of OnRamper is integral in creating a one-stop platform that encompasses all types of amazing features in the crypto industry. You will never need to leave Rubic! All in one, all in Rubic.

What is OnRamper?

OnRamper is a ‘fiat gateway aggregator’ that aggregates multiple major fiat-to-crypto gateways in a single, easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, fiat on-ramp. Put simply, this means that businesses like Rubic can integrate OnRamper onto their websites to enable their users to buy cryptocurrency using fiat currency.

By aggregating multiple fiat gateways, OnRamper ensures that users can always get the best available price for any transaction. Moreover, this provides the best possible coverage of available fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, supported geographies and payment methods.

About Rubic and

Rubic is a multi-chain DeFi ecosystem, which features cross-chain, P2P, instant swaps, and limit orders, across multiple blockchains, with the aim of delivering a complete ONE-STOP FULL-CIRCLE decentralized trading platform. The Rubic platform is a place where users can complete cross-chain swaps using different solutions to get the best rates from all leading trading protocols (thanks to a DEX aggregator implementation), as well as P2P swaps within an Order Book where users can make deals on their own terms.

At the moment, Rubic supports trades on Ethereum, Polygon (ex Matic), TRON, xDai and Binance Smart Chain networks.

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