Analog Collaborates With Cryfi To Enhance DeFi Trading Experiences

Analog is thrilled to announce the partnership with Cryfi, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of signal trading protocols. This collaboration aims to synergize the capabilities of Analog’s cross-chain solutions and Cryfi’s innovative signal trading protocol.

Cryfi is a marketplace which empowers blockchain traders, where experienced traders have the opportunity to monetize their valuable insights, and novice traders can embark on a journey of earning and learning from seasoned, blockchain-verified trading experts. It’s essentially a dynamic ecosystem for knowledge exchange and skill development when it comes to signal trading.

By joining Analog’s Launch Partners Program, Cryfi is set to benefit from an array of support mechanisms including token supply and ideation for cross-chain applications. Among other things, it will become a key user of Analog Watch, which will be employed to query data from chains for its smart contracts and DApp front end — allowing for a seamless comparison of signal prices with real prices.

“CryFi are building something that can easily plug into Web2-native applications. We are excited that they are enabling cross-chain functionality using Analog for their DApp, which allows for crypto traders to connect with general enthusiasts in an intuitive way,” expressed Analog’s Head of Business Development Eric Wang.

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