Tixl: Binance Smart Chain & PancakeSwap — Coming Soon!

Uniswap Gas fees stopped many people from buying TXL. Here’s the (first) solution. We are excited to announce that TXL will launch on PancakeSwap!

We’ve all seen the massive increase of interest and investment in the crypto space over recent months, and that is fantastic. However, the downside of this price increase — especially the jump in the value of Ethereum — means that fees to transfer tokens have gone sky-high.

We have been working hard to find a solution, and PancakeSwap is the answer! Not only is it gaining real traction, but it also gets us on Binance Smart Chain — where we have been aiming to be for a long time.

This is great news for the project. Not only will it make transferring TXL cheaper, but it will also bring us the exposure that comes from listing on a major (decentralized) exchange.

We wanted to give you the news as soon as we could confirm it and will update you with the exact listing date as soon as we have it.

Thanks and best wishes from Hamburg.

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