Rubic: Instant Trades for the BSC network is now Live!

The instant trades for BSC tokens (BEP-20) is now live!

Now you can instantly trade your BEP-20 tokens using Rubic’s Instant Trades.

Try it now at and tell us your experience.

The launch of instant trades for BSC network is an important feature for Rubic Ecosystem. This feature will allow users not only to swap their ERC-20 tokens to BEP-20 but also trade both types of tokens via instant trades directly on Rubic. It’s only a start for creating a full ONE-STOP solution for users of any block-chain.

The implementation of instant trades will allow users to trade their tokens on the BSC network not only with Order books but also using the new handy and quick way!

Instant trades functionality is provided by the 1inch platform which allowed in its latest v3 version to create instant swaps with BSC network.

How to trade using instant swaps for the BSC network?

Step 1:In order to trade BEP20 tokens on Rubic ​you’ll need to add Binance Smart Chain node in Metamask.
Please check the tutorial to do that:

Step 2: Choose the Binance Smart Chain network

Step 3: Select Instant Trades and fill out the form, by choosing the tokens you want to exchange.

Step 4: Enter the desired amount you want to exchange.

Step 5: Now 1inch, will automatically show you the best rates across multiple protocols.

Step 6: Press Create trade button.

Step 7: Use MetaMask to confirm your trade, and now wait for the transaction to be confirmed into the blockchain.

Video tutorial:

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