OptionRoom partners with ChainSwap to bring ROOM onto HECO and BSC

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with ChainSwap by AntiMatter to make the ROOM token cross-chain between ETH, HECO and BSC.

This will allow the ROOM token to be made cross-chain across ETH/HECO and BSC by the hybrid ChainSwap bridge. OptionRoom will be launching the ROOM token on BSC and HECO chains respectively.

  • The HECO/BSC ROOM token addresses will be announced in the upcoming days

How to transfer your ROOM tokens across chains

  • In detail guide will be published in the upcoming days

About ChainSwap

Fee-less cross-chain bridge for the masses made by AntiMatter

Twitter /Coingecko

About OptionRoom

OptionRoom is a user governed oracle and forecast protocol built on Polkadot. OptionRoom has the ability to serve as a OaaS — Oracle as a Service where oracle requests are solved by governance. Oracle requests cost a fee and a solution incentive paid in ROOM, rewarded to request solvers. OptionRoom allows users to create and participate in event derivatives that are pegged to real world outcomes by governance consensus.

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