KIRA Launches on Binance Smart Chain

We are happy to announce that our KEX ERC-20 token is now listed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a KEX BEP-20 token with multi chain functionality supported via a cross-chain bridge, MultiChain.

Listing KEX on BSC not only exposes the KEX token to BSC’s massive pool of liquidity, with BSC DEX volumes recently surpassing $2.8 billion per day, but will also allow KEX traders to avoid some of the costly Uniswap trading fees as a result of scalability issues on Ethereum.

IMPORTANT! The official BSC KEX Token contract is


KEX on PancakeSwap

One of the most popular dApps on BSC is currently PancakeSwap, an Automated Market Maker (AMM) alternative to Uniswap. As of today, we will be supporting PancakeSwap liquidity pool with an initial deposit of  to bootstrap a new KEX-BNB market.

KEX ERC-20, BEP-20 & The MultiChain Bridge

Note, you will need to have Binance Smart Chain added to your MetaMask to interact with the KEX token on BSC. You can follow this simple guide, MetaMask For Binance Smart Chain to learn how to do so.

In order to get started with using ERC-20 KEX tokens on BSC you will have to transfer your KEX from ERC-20 to BEP-20 using the MultiChain Bridge.

All you have to do is connect your MetaMask wallet and select a Swap : KEX token on ETH Mainnet, : KEX on BSC Mainnet then input the amount and click the TRANSFERbutton.

Before proceeding make sure that you are connected to Ethereum Mainnet in your MetaMask wallet and that you have ETH and KEX token balances.

Note that your Account address on Ethereum and BSC will be exactly the same. In order to preview your account balances and ensure that the token transfer was successful you can use a Binance Blockchain Explorer.

Make sure that your account also has some minimum BNB token balance so that you can transfer your new KEX BEP-20 tokens freely.

As the MultiChain bridge is not controlled by the KIRA team we can’t take responsibility for its operation and in certain cases cross-chain transfer might take a substantial amount of time. If your tokens do not arrive on the BSC within 24 hours you can directly contact the MultiChain bridge support team here.


In Q3 KIRA plans to launch a full integration with BSC, enabling users to stake BNB on the KIRA Network and stake farm with BNB or any other tokens issued on or deposited to BSC, without need for any intermediary custodial or even non-custodial “bridge” solutions.

If you would like to learn more, please reach out and join us!

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