Insolar joins list of top-rated blockchain projects on DPRating

Insolar, the fourth-generation blockchain project created to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to enterprise-grade applications, has received a glowing assessment by leading blockchain ratings organization DP Rating. The report gives Insolar a Bb rating, placing it among the top few blockchain projects in the world, and notes its huge growth potential – expecting INS to become one of the largest 100 tokens by market capitalization.

Strong team and vision

The highly positive rating coincides with the launch of the Insolar Testnet on 22 January: an important milestone for the project, which has the aim of demonstrating lightning-fast speeds of over 10,000 transactions per second. This was rapidly achieved using transactions sent between 20 nodes, as recorded on the Insolar blockchain explorer at

Thanks to near-linear scalability, this is expected to rise with the size of the network, meaning that a large main net could support 1 million transactions per second – several orders of magnitude more than conventional blockchains.

This ambitious goal is reflected in DP’s ‘A’ rating for Insolar’s large and highly qualified team, and its ‘B’ rating for Project Fundamentals. DP Rating also notes Insolar’s great vision, substantial target market and its potential for development across several communities.

Technical white paper

In addition to its highly successful Testnet launch, Insolar has announced a release date of 30 January for its hotly-anticipated technical white paper: a detailed 70-page document covering its platform goals, key features, and core technologies. The white paper will emphasize Insolar’s many technical innovations and enterprise-focused features.

“Insolar’s technical white paper will be both comprehensive and accessible to a wide audience,” comments Insolar Chief Architect and white paper author Kirill Ivkushkin. “It will outline the platform’s many unique capabilities and their real-world enterprise benefits.”

Code updates

One of the most significant factors in rating crypto projects is the level of activity in creating and maintaining code – something at which Insolar’s team excels. The initiative has come to the attention of other rating organizations thanks to its highly active development.

CryptoMiso has logged Insolar at #1 for development activity out of 347 crypto projects, with over 7,950 commits in total – more than any other blockchain project listed on CryptoMiso in the last 12 months. Despite the fact that Insolar only started work in July 2018, the Insolar codebase has grown to a total of over 100,000 lines of code and established a solid foundation on which to build further features.

Meanwhile, Coincodecap shows 6,003 commits for Insolar over just the last three months, again placing the project in #1 position.

DP Rating’s overall methodology is based on detailed research and qualitative evaluation that provides an in-depth review of projects. The process includes collecting information, due diligence investigations, audit after draft reviews, and more.

You can see the full rating report here and access the Insolar blockchain explorer here.

About Insolar
Insolar is building an open source, enterprise-grade blockchain platform that uses distributed trust to enable seamless interactions between companies and unlock new growth opportunities. Insolar’s 4th generation architecture, which blends the best of cloud, blockchain, and distributed tech, creates cost efficiencies, opens new revenue streams, and powers transformative business models; it is secure, scalable, interoperable, affordable, and easily deployed. In addition to the platform, Insolar offers full-service blockchain consulting and product development to accelerate companies from proof-of-concept to production. Insolar is ranked #1 among blockchain projects worldwide in development activity, according to GitHub commits and independently verified by Cryptomiso and Coincodecap. It is a global team of 60+ people in North America and Europe, including 35 full-time engineers, 10 leading blockchain academics from major institutions (York University, ETH Zurich, Princeton), and a founding team of serial tech entrepreneurs and enterprise veterans.
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