Crypto: Getting Started


Are you new to Crypto?
Still trying to figure out how your wallet works?
What platform to use and why?
Or even why you should even consider investing in Crypto?
Then this workshop is for you.

Lavinia D Osbourne:
Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, Fintech & Welltech specialist! As well as a Financial Wellbeing & Business coach.
She has been shortlisted for the Rising Women in Crypto Powerlist 2021, she was winner of the TechWomen 100 award in 2020, has been featured on numerous podcasts, you-tube channels and articles ( and Cointelegraph and Decrypt to name a few) and is host and founder of Women in Blockchain Talks – with her own podcast, membership and communities.

Driven by the desire to provide jargon free content and empower women and minority groups into the tech space. She is a champion for diversity and raw potential.

This workshop will be much more than a mere introduction to Crypto. It will be a past, present and future overview giving you all the pros and cons including:

Why Crypto?

Why now?

And how to best leverage this space, dependent on your risk factor, to create income, wealth and long term opportunities in this space.

This will be a one day event, delivered online and we will cover:-

The history of money and crypto
The top cryptocurrencies, wallets and exchanges
What each crypto/blockchain stands for – helping you to understand the tokenomics of each asset and thus, where it gets its value from
Understanding your own risk appetite and thus based on your risk levels the strategies that may work for you
Breaking down those strategies
Discussing the pros, cons and neutral views regarding crypto
Crypto and tax
On leaving this event you will have a personalised action plan giving you a clear understanding of why you are getting involved in Crypto and how you are going to do it.

The fact of the matter is that crypto is not going anywhere!

The various reports out there indicate that many people are getting involved, mainly because there is a low barrier to entry and it is a great way to increase your wealth, understanding of how finances work and ultimately, creating financial wellbeing.

The cost for this workshop is a one-off £197!

That is literally the cost of a dinner for two at a lovely restaurant or a month’s worth of take-out, perhaps!

There is always something important to do with our money, car repairs, new shoes, etc etc.

Learning how to grow your wealth confidently with the future of money is an investment in your future finances. Once you acquire this knowledge it is yours to use and expand on forever!

Let me help you to funnel this knowledge into your financial future!

Monday, January 24, 2022 12:00 PM EET

The event is finished.


Jan 23 2022



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