DPI Added as DPI/DAI Token Pair

Premia are pleased to announce they have added DPI to the list of available Options!

What is DPI?

The Defi Pulse Index is a weighted index made up of the best protocols in DeFi. UNI, AAVE, SNX, MKR, COMP, YFI, LRC, REN, BAL, KNC, & MTA all make up the index (Additional Information can be found here https://www.indexcoop.com/dpi). DPI Tokens are fully collateralized by the underlying names and the current market cap of the Index is an impressive $128mm.

We believe DPI is the one of the best, if not thee best, way to get DeFi exposure through a broad diversification of the DeFi blue chips. It is a great entry point for new DeFi investors, as well as the go to for battle hardened DeFi natives alike.

Why DPI?

As we have already listed a majority of the DeFi blue chip names, we believe a strong performing index, with an even stronger team (Index Coop) is the next logical step in pushing the Premia Platform forward. In the traditional finance world ETFs or funds that track an index deliver some of the highest traded volumes. This is due to the inherent diversified nature of the instrument, as it is an easy entry to gain exposure to the industry/market as a whole, and we believe the same will be true in DeFi, thus DPI was a best in class choice.

Next Steps

None! We have already whitelisted the DPI token on the site and Options are available to be Written/Exercised/Bought/Sold!

If you want to learn more about DPI and the team behind this innovative product here are useful links to get you started: Discord | Twitter | Website

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