AnySwap helps Badger DAO with multi-million cross-chain move!

A few days ago, Badger successfully moved to BSC through the Anyswap cross-chain bridge. Within eight hours of launch, TVL of cross-chain assets amounted to nearly 16 million U.S. dollars, 90% of which came from the new asset bDIGG/bBadger bridged onto BSC.

In the process of bDIGG/bBadger’s cross-chain transfer, the decentralized cross-chain transaction protocol AnySwap, which was invested and recommended by Binance, played a vital role.

AnySwap helped Badger complete cross-chain transactions through, which is based on Anyswap’s SMPC Network.

Users can now deposit and withdraw bBadger and bDIGG to realize cross-chain transactions between bBadger and bDIGG on different chains. bBadger and bDIGG can directly exchange any kind of digital assets in other ecosystems, without the need to use other tools or channels as intermediaries. solves the cross-chain problems between different ecosystems, and opens up completely different value circulation systems that can be mixed and matched, and greatly improves the user’s trading experience.

About AnySwap: AnySwap is committed to building a unified ecosystem for the full circulation of digital assets, bringing more liquidity to the digital asset market, and creating a richer ecosystem. At present, AnySwap has been running on multiple mainstream blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fusion, Fantom, Huobi Eco-Chain, Polygon, xDAI etc. It provides users with channels for direct exchange of any two assets between different DeFi ecosystems.

About Badger DAO: Badger DAO aims to create a DeFi product ecosystem, with the ultimate goal of introducing Bitcoin into Ethereum. This is the first DeFi project that chooses to use BTC as the main reserve asset instead of ETH. The creation of Badger DAO adopted a decentralized governance structure, giving the community ownership of the project from the very beginning. Badger DAO is trying to build the required infrastructure to accelerate the use of Bitcoin in decentralized finance, as well as its use in Ethereum and other blockchains.

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