4thTech: The Re-Design 2.0

Parallel to the 4thTech 2.0 development, we have been working on a major 4thTech project re-design that is finally showing in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The re-design is a part of the 4thtech 2.0 campaign and brings impressive graphic approaches packed in a modern minimalistic design inspired by crypto space. The re-design combines; (1) the new 4thtech 2.0 project logo; (2) new FOUR token ticker symbol; (3) new project website design (i.e. the4thpillar.io); (4) new platform 2.0 design (i.e. the4thpillar.com); (5) new FOURwaL design (i.e. Google Chrome and Mozilla extension), and; (7) new social media banner concept.

Intro to 4thTech

Blockchain technology proposes the ideal foundation to simplify electronic data and documents exchange. To address this issue in 2017, 4thTech proposed and later developed a unique solution, which leverages trust provided by the blockchain and enables secure, immutable, instant cross-border electronic data and document exchange (i.e.FOURdx). Furthermore, blockchain notarisation features (i.e. FOURns) enable users to access the document time-stamp and verify its authenticity via file checksum, while the 4thTech digital identity mechanism (i.e. FOURid) verifies and maps the connection between a blockchain wallet and a person, utilising the X.509 digital certificate standard.

The Logo 2.0

The new logo is the work of the DOF | Design of Frames team, best described by their own words.

“Crafting a new logo is always a team effort, whether we’re talking about the client-designer relationship or about the people involved internally in creating a new visual identity for 4thTech.

The biggest challenge for us is always reaching the almost-perfect design and the path to that is always filled with many tryouts, bad colours or designs that one day looks like the best option, but when you take a second look, you instantly throw it away.

Because this was a rebranding project, we had to keep in mind and in the new design, as well, a few elements that had to assure the visual continuity of the brand. We’re talking about the colours ( e.g. Light Blue and Black) and, obviously, the “4 Pillars” Structure that was an existing element in the old logo and in the name of the Brand. All things considered, we kept the structure of the pillars, added a short perspective to it, by creating the “3D” effect that suggests 4 stand-alone walls or 4 plans, and then proceeded to make the logo more “crypto”, integrating these pillars in a hexagon structure. The hexagon represents two things: a recurrent shape in crypto design that suggests powerful interconnectivity, which is a main feature of the 4th Industrial Revolution, but also a cube, this small detail giving the 2D illustration a 3D perspective. The colours can be easily associated with the crypto-world, light blue being a colour used for serious businesses, clearness, technology and circuits, while white, grey and black are supportive colours meant to strengthen the contrast. The new font represents the more serious approach a crypto-business needs nowadays, leaving the tech-savvy fonts back in 2020. The font is intelligible, distinct, clean and can be easily used in all designs of the brand (posts, website, prints).

When putting the upper-mentioned together, you get a new look of a serious project, with an elegant font and a beautiful token ticker that is unique, easily recognizable that says FOUR on its own.

We’re DOF | Design of Frames and 4thpillar Technologies’ new Logo represents our take on how a crypto business should look in 2021. Stay safe!”

*More on DOF: https://www.designofframes.com/

The Website 2.0

To ensure 100% solution understanding the project website the4thpillar.io was completely re-designed. All the website major texts, illustrations and graphics now focus on solution clarification while trying to distinguish between end-users and enterprise. The website design is a 4thTech team effort, sourcing inspiration from crypto, fintech space. A lot of the effort went into project illustrations, which together form a comprehensive graphics project ecosystem built based on the technology layer infrastructure (i.e. use-case layer, platform component layer and infrastructure layer). Some of the project illustrations are drawn by the brilliant Katerina Limpitsouni and adapted specifically for the 4thTech. The new project website results in clean, mobile responsive websites, that combine usability, clarification and design.


The Platform 2.0

The platform 2.0 re-design brings a modern minimalistic design style that emphasises simplicity with simple yet effective navigation and application system. Light white colours predominate the interface, inspiring the users with simplicity and reassurance while executing complicated transactions in the background.


FOURwaL 2.0

The 2.0 FOURwaL update brings a modern minimalistic design style that emphasises simplicity with simple intuitive but effective navigation and setup system. A beautiful user interface has been designed and developed to offer a step-by-step setup enabling the best possible user experience.


Social Media Header Art

As the project is maturing, the social media banner creatives were also updated. The current design is actually abstract photography of a project 2018 logo printed on the office wall. The social media headed placement serves as a perfect gallery window displaying the first of many photos recording the project evolution.




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